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You Can See for Yourself
ABC invites you to review our practice testing program. This is a free introduction to an exciting program that allows students in second through eighth grade to prepare for their state Standards tests.

"Practice Makes Perfect" is a web-based assessment program and it assesses the Fundamental Learning Areas of Reading, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. The test is “time-based” and uses items from previous State Standards Sample Tests that were administered to third, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth and tenth-grade students. It is also correlated to the State Standards and gives a complete picture of how your students are performing according to those Standards in Reading, Mathematics, Social Science and Science.

To Take the Test:
Click here to be taken to a login page, where you'll use the information below.

The Login/Username: guest                 The Password: school

Please be sure to use all "lower case" letters when entering the login & password!

After this, you will be able to select from different assessments. Choose one and proceed with the test. After the test, hit the “Submit” button and your test will be graded with an automatic “Raw Score” given with an “item analysis” of each test item. After this, press the “Home” button at the end of the test to take you back for more tests.

Following Your Session
To contact us for more information, please go back to the Achievement Builders Corporation Website and press the “Contact Us” button. You can send email to us or fill out the “School Profile” after pressing that button.

Practicing for the state tests is important. But it is also important not to take time from the classroom. Achievement Builders Corporation takes both of these concepts into consideration. The “Practice Makes Perfect” program is innovative, efficient and diagnostic. It gives immediate feedback to superintendents, principals, teachers, parents and students.

The Achievement Builders Corporation is dedicated to ensuring that all children learn. With this in mind, our mission parallels that of the NCLB Act – The overall purpose of the law is to ensure that each child in America is able to meet the high learning standards of the state where he or she lives.

Web-Based & Secure
Our testing procedure operates in a "secure browser" environment that prevents any abuse of the exam.